Laser cutting
Automotive and engineering industry qualified supplier activity, complete manufacture of unique metal products, up to 25 mm sheet thickness.
Several-dimension bending up to 8-10 mm sheet thickness
Surface finishing
Electrostatic powder coating, grit blasting, phosphate metal pre-treatment, KTL technology 
Metal punching
Flat sheet punching up to 6 mm sheet thickness
Fitter mechanical assembly
Assembling parts in small and medium series, steel structure manufacture. Sheet assembly from black sheets to aluminium
Other machining
In addition to our present machinery, we undertake to meet individual demands or purchase special machines as well as perform any other technological machining through our cooperation partners (cutting, lathe machining, water or plasma cutting, galvanisation, chromate coating, KTL painting).
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Contract manufacturing, sheet metal working

Our company undertakes contract manufacturing of metal products in small, medium and large series production, from unmachined metal products to laser cutting, bending, cutting, fitter’s works, surface finishing as well as packaging and delivery. Beyond the standard black sheet, stainless steel or galvanised sheet, the products to be machined may be more unique as well (copper, coloured stainless steel, aluminium, etc.). 

In addition to simple sheet CNC cutting or laser cutting, powder coating, possibly CNC bending, we can make an offer for complete fitter’s structures, such as control cabinets, fencing, or working on the basis of special consignation. Client satisfaction is guaranteed by our quality department equipped with appropriate measuring equipment. If you would like to submit a large series order to our company, however we partially or wholly do not have the suitable single-purpose machine or tool, then for the long term business relationship (or depending on the amount of the single order) we can even extend our machine park within the framework of an individual project in accordance with the client’s requirements.