History of the company

Nyír-Lift Ltd was founded in 1990; its founder is Attila Kováts lift expert and lift designer. In the beginning, the company was engaged only in the design, manufacture, assembly and maintenance of lifting devices. Our company started its activity in the Szabolcs region, engaged mainly in small repair and maintenance works. In several years, we created the infrastructural background necessary for the development of our enterprise through the establishment of the suitable machinery and workshop.

The quality improvement occurred after the implementation of these developments. Since our clients were satisfied with the quality of the work done by us, we could achieve that several specialized companies and multinational companies interested in lifts ordered the complete elevator units to be installed from us. Owing to the developments, we already manufacture the cabins, shaft steel structures and columns of the elevators exclusively on our own production line.

In 2007, Attila Kováts was commissioned to build the plant of the greatest European lift door manufacturing company Sematic in Hungary and be its managing director, so from this year his son Dániel Kováts took over the managerial tasks of the Nyír-Lift Ltd.

From 2008 to 2010, our company repositioned its role on the market. In spite of the fact that it was considered as the greatest domestic manufacturer, it could not increase its profitability proportionally. So from 2011 to 2013 the company enlarged its scope of activities through various projects and cut back its less profitable business units.

As a result, the manufacture of complete elevators was restricted and manufacture is done only in case of individual, special types not purchasable or at a high price purchasable on the market (high capacity and panoramic elevators). The company strengthened its supplier activity through the manufacturing capacity released in this way.

Owing to it, the list of partners extended (Wittur, Sematic, MSK, MST, NKB, Kelet-Agro, 4S-2000, Micromark, etc.)

In 2017, Attila Kováts retired on a pension from the Sematic Hungaria Ltd and joined to the management of Nyír-Lift Ltd again, and he was also elected president of the Hungarian Lift Association from the same year.

In order to exploit our existing capacity, we still undertake to perform small and medium series sheet metal working tasks and assembly of lift door units in small and medium series production as well as powder coating and grit blasting for surface finishing.

In case of lifts, we purchase and install complete products (Thyssen, Metron, Orona, Kleemann , Liftmaterial etc.).

From 2001, Nyír-Lift Ltd has been operating the quality management system certified according to the currently effective version of the ISO 9001 standard. The company employs trained, responsible employees for the quality control of the products and the documentation of the test results. Now we are working on the introduction of the ISO 14001 standard as well.

In 2017, our company’s sales turnover exceeded one milliard HUF and we employed almost 70 persons.

In 2018, we are also working on several new projects; we will purchase newer and more advanced machines and plan to enlarge our site significantly in the near future. 

To sum it up, our short and medium term purpose is to increase the market share and establish long-term relationship with our determinant business partners through the development of our company with regard to infrastructure and human resource. Beyond this, we strive to keep or increase our competitiveness through the enlargement of our site, purchase of new machines, implementation of projects, applications. We watch our competitors and develop our manufacturing and servicing capacities by purchasing special machines and devices in accordance with the market demands.