Our company undertakes to perform contract manufacturing of metal products in small, medium and large series, within a short time: from machining of blank metal products to laser cutting, bending, cutting, metalwork, surface finishing as well as packaging and delivery. Beyond the standard black sheet, stainless steel or galvanised sheet, the products to be machined may be more unique as well (copper, coloured stainless steel, aluminium, etc.). 

In addition to inquiries for simple CNC sheet cutting or laser cutting, powder coating, maybe CNC bending, you can ask offer from us for complete metalwork structures such as control cabinets, fences in accordance with specifications. Customer satisfaction is ensured by our quality department with proper measuring devices. If you inquire for manufacturing in large series but for the present we do not have the proper special machine or tool partially or fully, then for establishing long-term work relationship (or depending on the size of the single order) we can even extend our machine park within the framework of a separate project in accordance with the client’s demands.