For achieving its quality aims, Nyír-Lift Ltd performs quality development continuously .The development activity includes the investment and engineering activity concerning the manufacture, assembly and maintenance of elevators. The development is done in our company in a planned way, regulated in procedures. During the designing and developing work, we employ qualified and responsible employees or external service providers ensuring proper performance.

Nyír-Lift Ltd‘s main purpose is to maintain and increase the market positions achieved, improve profitability of operation and increase client satisfaction continuously through paying great emphasis on quality.

Our methods applied:

  • In order to facilitate economic operation, we operate a documented, continuously controlled and improved quality management system as per the standard MSZ EN ISO 9001, into which we will integrate the environment-centred management system as per the standard ISO 14001 in order to protect environment.
  • We are continuously informing and training our employees in order that they can adopt the company’s quality objectives and help in reaching them through the continuous improvement of their work.
  • We establish circle of regularly informed suppliers and subcontractors which can provide raw material and service suitable for achieving our quality aims and guarantee consistent, reliable quality.
  • For maintaining and increasing competitiveness, we analyse our processes, monitor our competitors and continuously develop our manufacturing and service providing abilities in accordance with the market demands by means of practical projects, purchase of machines and devices and development of the machining technologies as well as organisational measures.
  • All employees of our company are committed to the manufacture of products of consistent quality satisfying the clients’ demands and we ensure for them the appropriate tools and working conditions necessary for quality work performance.
  • The Ltd employs qualified, responsible employees for the quality control of the products and documentation of the test results; only such materials and products are used which received good qualification during the control tests.

The management of Nyír-Lift Ltd is committed to the continuous development of the quality management system and achievement of the objectives set. The management expects from the employees that they contribute to the achievement of joint success and strengthening of reputation of Nyír-Lift Ltd through quality work performance.