Fitter mechanical assembly

We perform assembly of various sheets, profiles, pipes, frames and supporting structures made of iron, steel and other metal material in accordance with the technical documentation. We undertake to mount, erect, assemble and disassemble structural metal frames of buildings and other structures.

Our activities include:

  • interpreting, studying the documentation concerning the work pieces ordered;
  • preparing metal sheet-plate for cutting and formation;
  • preparing, repairing, assembling, installing light steel and metal structured doors, windows, grates, partition walls, stairs, handrails, pipe-structured equipment;
  • preparing, mounting, assembling and disassembling the parts of iron and steel structured gates, doors and windows, boilers; maintaining and repairing such equipment;
  • setting out the elements of iron and metal structures, cutting sheets and profile sections, fitting, screwing the cut pieces, bending, forming, shaping materials;
  • maybe performing welding operations for steel structural and carcase works;
  • welding metal parts by means of various welding methods;
  • performing manual working: straightening, rasping, tapping, burring;
  • beyond the traditional tools, we can operate modern electrical tools, NC/CNC machines as well.

Our company pays special attention to the provision of the properly trained labour force as well as the machines and equipment necessary for meeting the continuously growing client demands.