Surface finishing

From powder coating, grit blasting with phosphate pre-treatment to zinc coating or KTL surface treatment, our company tries to find solutions for all demands arising.

Our clients require shorter and shorter delivery times and greater and greater amounts. We aim at decreasing the production times while meeting our clients’ powder coating demands. Powder coating is a metal working process which played a pioneer role in the replacement of the traditional painting. This is the most frequently used method for the painting of the parts. As a result, we receive durable, long life surface which can resist even corrosion.

For achieving the best coating, the substrate must be prepared properly. We clean the part carefully in order to remove oil or grease from the surface and then rinse it. It will help remove harmful substances and ensure larger surface for the powder coating.

When the part is properly prepared for receiving the coating, we prepare the powder coat. The procedure applied during the application of the powder differs from other coating systems. It requires special tools, since the powder is placed in a powder coat gun. Thickness of application depends on whether the coating is exterior or interior, and in what environment the part will be used.

When the part is fully coated, we place it is an oven which heats it up to at least 160°C. When the powder reaches this temperature, it will melt producing long chemical chains which will ensure the stiffness and durability of the coating. When cooling down, the surface of the substrate will become jelly until reaching ambient temperature.

We undertake to perform high-quality powder coating of the parts manufactured by us. Quality is guaranteed by our colleagues’ many years’ experience and certainly the excellent quality of the powder coat applied.