Ermarksan hydraulic adjusting machine - Speed band pro 3100-175

Product description:

It delivers high speed, almost double productivity in outstanding quality, reducing the cost per unit of production. Precise, rugged, ergonomic, cost-effective hydraulic edge bender with user-friendly controls.



  • CE Declaration of Conformity
  • Demo DA-66T Graphic Color Touch Screen Control
  • 4 axle, servo motor driven rear impact system
  • Directed axes (Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2)
  • HOERBIGER hydraulic system
  • SIEMENS electrical components
  • AKAS handheld laser protection
  • 1 set basic tool
  • Digital crash control
  • 800mm ball-screw AC motor buffing motion
  • Full-length front disc support arms
  • Side and rear cover opening protection
  • PROMECAM quick change top tool gripping system
  • CNC controlled motor table pretensioner


Machine datasheet

Bending length 3100 mm
bending Strength 175 tonna
Distance between columns 2600 mm
Y approach speed 180 mm/sec
Y work speed 10 mm/sec
Y retraction speed 190 mm/sec
Table Prestressing motor type
X range of motion 800 mm
X axis speed 500 mm/sec
Number of rear buffers 2 db
Number of front brackets 2 db
Oil demand 300 liter
Engine performance 15 kW
Displacement 275 mm
Sagittarius 550 mm
Throat depth 410 mm
table height 900 mm
Table width 90 mm
Machine length 4250 mm
Machine height 2800 mm
Machine width 2150 mm
Machine weight 9600 kg