Demmeler PE28-01004-001 welding table (2 pieces)

Product description:

  • Worktop with D28 system bores in a 100 mm x 100 mm grid
  • 3-hole drilling pattern in the table side plates with D28 system bores, 50 mm grid in the top row with additional 100 mm grid in the middle and in the bottom row, which nearly doubles the expansion and clamping options
  • All table sizes optionally available in new hardness, DEMONT 760 M and DEMONT 860 M, in up to 860 Vickers
  • All system bores with new protective countersink, perfect design and ultimate functionality
  • Optimised outside table edges
  • Improved table reinforcement through additional cross-ribs
  • Continuous gridlines in X and Y-direction, 100 mm spacing
  • Precision scaling with millimetre graduation, also available with the DEMONT 760 M and DEMONT 860 M options
  • Coordinate marking of the bores in the X and Y-direction
  • DEMMELER logo recessed in all 4 side plates
  • Table legs with fine adjustment, round design with pivoting foot
  • Foot sleeve to protect the cable-hose assembly