Amada LCG 3015 flat-bed laser cutting machine

Product description:

Technical data:

Displacement (X and Y axis)                       Flying optics


  • X axis                                    3070mm
  • Y axis                                    1550mm
  • Z axis                                    100mm

Cutting range:

  • X axis                                   3070mm
  • Y axis                                   1550mm
  • Z axis                                   100mm

Cutting speed: 

  • X axis                                   0-120 m/min.
  • Y axis                                    0-120 m/min.

Max weight of piece:                    920 kg

Position scattering width:           0,005

Manual measuring unit:               0,001mm

Laser class:                                        4

Laser type:                                        CO2 laser

Peak value:                                       3500 W