Development of a new, energy-saving elevator product line of new assembling technology and communication system at NYÍR-

Amount of the assitance provided by the European Union and the Hungarian government: HUF 128 380 954.

  • Name of beneficiary: NYÍR-LIFT Elevator Assembly, Repair and Maintenance Limited Liability Company
  • Project title: Development of a new, energy-saving elevator product line of new assembling technology and communication system at NYÍR-LIFT Ltd
  • The total eligible cost of the Project calculated with non-deductable VAT: HUF 226 559 366
  • Amount of the assistance awarded to the Project: HUF 128 380 954
  • The intensity of assistance is 56.67 % of the total eligible cost of the Project.
  • Description of the Project content: Within the framework of the Project, NYÍR-LIFT Ltd wishes to achieve the development of a new, innovative elevator product line including new construction solutions in every detail. We focus on the development of the elevator product line of 630, 1000 and 1600 kg load capacity for the purpose of sale. We should mention separately the control electronics of the planned innovative lifts which are also reconsidered and completed with a series of innovative elements, which beyond the energy saving solutions use also the results of the 21st century info communication techniques. The new elevator product line will have a lot of properties which cannot be determined numerically as follows:
    • design to be modified in accordance with the market demands
    • the on-site assembly will be solved without scaffolding – continuous monitoring of technical condition through an intelligent communication interface
    • assurance of possibility of extension of elevator control according to individual demands, e.g. initiate calling from the flat
    • reduction of the size of safety devices in such a way that the specified safety requirements are met in every respect
    • structural units are completely renewed, with the ease of handling taken into account to the full
    • recovery of braking energy as present loss into electric power
    • supply of the recovered electric power to the electric network
    • Through the intelligent diagnostics system and the advanced data communication connected to it, the trouble shooting during the operation of the device will be achieved on a much higher level as compared to the present solution, which will significantly reduce the costs and the environmental load.    
    • Assurance of multimedia accessibility of the elevator in a way and on a level not applied so far by the users will provide unlimited opportunities for the customers during the use and handling of the new device.   
  • To sum it up, according to our plans the new, innovative elevators will be economically operating, energy saving products of lower production cost as a result of the smaller mass of manufacture and other construction solutions. Owing to the total of the numerical and other advantages not expressed numerically, the product will be competitive on both the domestic and international markets, so it can meet the requirement of business expediency as one of the main indicators of the project. 
  • Planned date of completion of the Project (if implemented, then the effective date of completion): 09.12.2018.

Project identification number: GINOP-2.1.1-15-2015-00266